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Adam Burnfin

Solving problems about meaning, identity, purpose, values, ethics, morals, etc. falls outside the purview of standard psychotherapy. Philosophical counseling is a useful alternative, especially for those who stop seeing benefits from other modes of counseling. In the initial session, I first ask you to state the problem that brings you to philosophical counseling. For the remainder of this session, I will determine whether the problem you present is philosophical: we will embark on a rich dialogue, refining the problem into an ever more relevant and precise (and thus solvable) question. If I see your dilemma is less philosophical than not, I will make the appropriate referral. But if I see your dilemma is more philosophical than not, then we can discuss engaging in dialogue again in the future: drawing on the rich past two millennia of philosophical history for deep insight; opening up and mapping possible solutions, and seeing how all the information our dialogue unearths can help you decide what action to take in light of your dilemma. No cookie-cutter therapy, philosophical counseling is unlike most. It maximizes your own role in deciding how you get ‘treated:’ by giving you expanded means for solving your own problems, but then letting you decide what solution you think is best.

Certified Philosophical Counselor: APPA (2021)

MA (Philosophy): Duquesne University (2018)

BA (Cultural Studies): The Ohio State University (2015)

International Scholar: Catholic University of Leuven (2011-2012)

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By appointment.
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