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Monica Vilhauer

Hi, I’m Monica Vilhauer and I have been studying and teaching philosophy for over 20 years.  A few years ago, I decided to shift my focus from academic philosophy to the practical value of philosophy, and turn my efforts to sharing philosophy in a way that speaks to the problems we deal with everyday — the problems of meaning, values, integrity, creativity, empowerment, freedom, authenticity, and fulfillment. I am happy to help you work though some of those big philosophical questions that are often at the root of human distress, angst, and perplexity, like:

  • What do I really believe?
  • What do I really care about?
  • Who am I really, and who do I want to be?
  • Are my time and efforts really aligned with my beliefs and values?
  • How can I face change and loss?
  • How can I improve or redesign my life?
  • How can I best respect others in my life and myself?
  • How can I better communicate with those I care about?
  • How can I cope with power relations, fight for justice, and feel more empowered in my own life?

Learning to think about ourselves and our lives in new ways can make a big impact on the way we experience the world and on our sense of ownership over our own path. Dare to ask big questions! I’m excited to be along on your journey.

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