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Peter Vernezze

This practice is for those who want something other than traditional therapy or want to go beyond therapy or want to combine traditional therapy with another experience. In my work here, I draw primarily (although not exclusively) on traditions outside of the scope of traditional therapy, which includes philosophical, spiritual, and religious teachings across time and cultures. My concerns here are existential and ethical, intended for those who want to take a deep dive into their lives. Such a wide-ranging examination can be helpful at any time but especially if you find yourself at a crossroads in life or at a transition stage.

I am greatly inspired by the philosophical traditions of ancient Greece, China, and India, and have devoted a substantial amount of time to the study of each of these cultures.  As diverse as they are, all contain a core of shared truth that can enrich our lives and guide our actions. The Stoics are a special interest of mine, and it is no surprise that several schools of contemporary psychological thought draw upon Stoic writing for inspiration. I have published a book, Don’t Worry, Be Stoic: Ancient Wisdom for Troubled Times, which attempts to apply Stoic wisdom to our current condition. But I am not only inspired by the ancients. To give just one example, the Existentialsts as well offer much that I find compelling and that speaks to many of the situations we face. Far from rejecting the world’s religions, I believe that they have much to say regarding the human condition, and if I am especially partial to Buddhism it is because this is the system that most closely resembles philosophy. Finally, I am a mindfulness teacher, and currently have provisional teacher status with the UCSD Center for Mindfulness.

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