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Rick Repetti

As a Philosophical Counselor, I focus on problem-solving (e.g., relationship change/repair, career issues, self-esteem, anxiety, etc.), agency (self-inquiry, self-cultivation, self-empowerment, free will, weakness of will, moral responsibility), reason vs. spirituality (faith, doubt, meditation, transcendence, mysticism, etc.), and existential exploration (finding meaning, value, and purpose).

My clients have included licensed psychologists, life coaches, couples, teenagers handling divorcing parents, individuals in addiction recovery, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, individuals struggling with generalized anxiety, test taking anxiety, and spirituality, individuals searching for meaning, individuals seeking guidance with meditation practices, and, among others, individuals with philosophical curiosity, belief confusion, or moral dilemmas. I am open to working on any topic.

Additional modalities: mindfulness, CBT, Gestalt, life coaching. I employ whichever combination of techniques that seem appropriate based on the nature of the session and/or on my ongoing familiarity with the client’s growth and probable receptivity, as testable hypotheses, to be adjusted through the intuitive flow of reciprocal dialogue.

Member, Board of Directors of APPA; APPA faculty member; fellow, Center for Contemplative Mind in Society.

Full Professor of Philosophy, CUNY/Kingsborough Community College; PhD, CUNY Graduate School (2005), on metacognition and agency

Author of four books and dozens of articles and chapters on free will, meditation, and Buddhism, as well as articles on the philosophy of religion, contemplative education, the ethics of teaching, depolarization, etc.

Podcaster: https://www.leveltopower.com

Philosophy cafe facilitator: https://www.rickrepetti.com/philosophy-cafe

Meditation and Yoga practitioner since 1973; instructor of both since 1999

Martial artist: 4th degree Blackbelt Shotokan karate

Times Available Online

Sporadic, or by appointment (contact me to set up)
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