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Katrina Bramstedt, PhD

Professor Bramstedt has worked in the field of ethics consultation for nearly 20 years, performing 1000+ consults, and is certified in Client Counseling through APPA (CACC00045). Originally from California, she has lived and worked worldwide, authored 100+ peer-reviewed articles and several books, and is an international conference speaker.  She has two consultations specialties:

Medical ethics dilemmas (medical decision-making, research participation, medical misconduct, end-of-life care, organ donation, transplantation)

Workplace ethical dilemmas (moral distress, workplace misconduct, organizational ethics; all sectors, especially education, research, medicine, C-suite, corporate boards)

I also work with students and junior researchers who seek mentoring (e.g., guidance regarding career pathways/strategy; bouncing back after hardship).

Times Available Online

Sessions by appt (note that I am on the Melbourne, Australia time zone)
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