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Bridget K Hayes

In my practice as a philosophical counsellor, I offer guidance in navigating life’s complexities through the lens of centuries-old philosophical wisdom. With a strong educational foundation with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Ancient History from Macquarie University and a Master’s degree in Ethics and Political Philosophy from Leiden University, I bring a rich academic background to my practice. Additionally, as a certified RYT 200 Yoga Alliance qualified yoga teacher, I integrate, when relevant, Eastern and Western philosophical traditions to provide clients with a holistic framework for self-exploration and personal growth.

I specialise in addressing a wide range of practical, existential, and ethical concerns, including decision making, personal development, purpose, identity, existential crises, authenticity, values, beliefs, and moral dilemmas. Through introspection and critical reflection, I guide clients in confronting and exploring their beliefs and values in a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment.

Drawing from my experience as an educator, I facilitate transformative philosophical dialogues through collaborative inquiry and Socratic questioning. I believe that moments of crisis and uncertainty can present opportunities for profound personal growth and understanding of self, echoing the sentiment of Sun Tzu: “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

My practice offers online and in-person consultations from London, England. As a registered adjunct member of the Association for Philosophical Practice and Advocacy (APPA), I am committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical practice.

Embark on your journey of philosophical exploration with me, where the pursuit of wisdom and self-awareness is at the heart of personal transformation. Schedule a consultation today and discover the clarity that philosophical counselling can bring to your life.

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As my availability can vary, please email me to arrange a session.
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