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Jeremy Gallegos

Dr. Jeremy A Gallegos is a philosopher and a certified philosophical counselor who helps individuals and groups to explore and improve their moral values and ethical decision-making. He received his PhD in Philosophy from Purdue University in 2002, where he specialized in applied ethics, moral psychology, and social philosophy.
In his individual moral coaching sessions, he helps clients to identify and examine their moral beliefs, values, and emotions, and to develop a more coherent and consistent moral outlook. He also assists clients to cope with moral dilemmas, conflicts, and uncertainties, and to enhance their moral self-esteem and confidence.
Dr. Gallegos believes that philosophy is not only a theoretical discipline, but also a practical and transformative one. He is passionate about bringing the insights and methods of philosophy to the wider public, and to help people to live more authentically, responsibly, and meaningfully. He is tenured professor of Philosophy and Ethics at Friends University, an affiliate member of the Academic Center for Biomedical and Health Humanities at Wichita State University, member of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA), and sits as the Vice Chair of Wesley Medical Center’s Ethics Committee. He also shares his expertise and experience in philosophy and ethics through various training sessions that he conducts for professionals seeking continuing education credits.
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