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Evan Strevell, Ph.D.

I draw on insights from the history of philosophy about how to live the best possible human life and how best to navigate moral dilemmas.  Regarding living the best life, I can help clients think through what the ultimate human good is, how one can organize their life around that good, and how one might go about living in accordance with that good.  I situate client problems within the framework of various philosophical theories of the good life and what it means to be a human and help clients better understand how their thinking fits into a flourishing life.   I believe that philosophical discourse and examination is part of the good life and that philosophical counseling therefore contributes to the good life.  Regarding moral dilemmas, I draw on the three main schools of ethics, virtue ethics, deontology (“duty ethics”), and utilitarianism to help clients think through the different standards that apply to their moral problem and the various courses of action that different schools suggest one might take in response.

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