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Joseph Terry

My approach as a philosophical counselor is to journey with the person (or group) in order to resolve the present issue at hand. This is done by exploring and addressing beliefs, perspectives, values, experiences, emotions, desires, goals, choices, identity, and narratives, primarily through various guided philosophical techniques, but employing differing modalities as they seem appropriate or useful within the context of a particular session. The long-term goal is to empower the client by cultivating their inner philosopher.

I have offered philosophical counseling to a diverse group of people – both in individual and group contexts – using various methodologies in order to help clarify and unpack questions, puzzles, concerns, limits, and existential problems. I specialize in helping persons reframe, analyze, discern, and disentangle ideas, concepts, core beliefs, values, and perspectives so as to help my clients live healthier and more sustained lives.

My goal as a Philosophical Counseling is to bring thousands of years of wisdom to bear on modern – yet perennial – problems; to bridge yesterday’s wisdom to today’s world. As Socrates stated while on trial in Athens, the unexamined life is not worth living for the human being. So, let us examine life together!

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