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Claudia Landolfi

What I Think, what I do

A fixed identity doesn’t exist. We are a flux of emotions and thoughts which tend to social stability by adopting a predictive character. It guarantees our comfort zone. But why crisis then? The crisis sometimes we face is the result of the failure of our system of belief and behavior in case of life changing. Thus, we need to rethink the meanings we have built about our life and to open ourselves to new meanings… Philosophy is of a big help! A philosopher can be of help!

During a session with me, through empathetic listening: 1. I analyze the linguistic register used by the client; 2. I extrapolate the main concepts from client’s discourse; 3. I investigate client’s character traits; 3. I explore the personal life path in the context in which the client evolved. The methodological approach is interdisciplinary as I have a degree in both Philosophy and Psychology.

I intend to overcome the purely individualistic and symbolic approach to problems and crises by connecting the crucial passages of the client’s life to a bigger context. I propose a short path aimed at developing in the client an alternative vision of his existence and the ability to overcome mental blocks, taking advantage of the opportunities that life offers to each of us, even in the driest and darkest moments.

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